David Langevin

David Langevin – Mastering Acrylics II – 3 day workshop
May 5-7, 2018

Mastering Acrylics II is an advanced workshop and is an extension of the first workshop, Mastering Acrylics (MA I).

Although Mastering Acrylics I is recommended as a prerequisite, the first day of this 3 day workshop will be a review of the principles and techniques covered in Mastering Acrylics I.

We will use the principles and techniques covered in MA I and apply them in 2 guided painting exercises: One with a colored underpainting; the other using a tonal underpainting, or ‘grisaille’.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:  

    -Graphite pencils, India ink pens (Pigma or Faber Castel)
    -Acrylic paints, heavy body and fluids too if you have them
    -Acrylic Gloss Medium – not Gel medium and not Golden’s Glazing Liquid
    -Large water container and rags
    -paint brushes and palette
    -3 painting supports, approx. 16×20 (canvas or painting board)
    -Reference material and photographs are not required.

See more of David’s work here : http://davidlangevin.com/