Dominik Modlinski May 6-8 2016

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Plein Air Painting - Experience 3 days of excitement as you learn secrets of colour and its application in plein air and studio painting

Three days of inspiration and innovation where brushstrokes radiate with luminescent light and the brilliant hues of the Canadian and worldwide landscapes.  Dominik Modlinski’s work reflects his travel into remote areas of fast diminishing earth’s wilderness. The sources of his ingenuity are the never-ending supply of material that nature affords and the realities of our endangered environment. Several galleries represent Modlinski across the Canada, USA and South Africa. In the evenings Dominik will show videos from his outstanding painting trips featuring his approach to painting in the original scenery.

About the Workshop

This is a workshop for beginner and intermediate painters who wish to expand their knowledge of oil and acrylic painting techniques while enhancing their perception and creative visualization. Dominik will focus on several colour contrast principals, which are bases for successful painting. He will inspire your creativity with his travel stories and slide presentations. He will also dedicate time to demonstrating approaches to sketching and painting outside, where the aim is to capture the essence of the subject matter. In your painting activities throughout the three days, you will be encouraged to create a simultaneous dialogue between artistic creativity and environmental awakening. People can work in Oils or Acrylics, Dominik will be working in Oils.

Links to More Artwork

Painting Journeys to Northeastern Yukon and NWT


The Art of Seeing

The great land that surrounds me is my daily inspiration. The Earth’s unspoiled landscape offers me astounding rugged and truthful beauty that inspires my adventures and shapes my dreams.
As I travel across the world portraying its diverse beauty with my paints, recording what I see and talking with local people, I create paintings that later are to be exhibited in urban centers. I believe that art with an environmental focus can help to rekindle and remind urban people of their connections to the land.

The art of seeing is the most important principle of successful painting. I prefer to paint places where I have spent a significant amount of time and had powerful emotional experiences. After hiking or traveling on water for many miles, I prefer to choose one location that holds many possible compositions, from close-ups to great vistas. Remaining at one location enables me to soak up the necessary energy for future studio work. Besides seeing, I also tune my ear to the sounds that surround me. Through experience I have found that not all sounds can be detected and absorbed at once. It sometimes takes many days to hear clearly and associate sounds with surrounding forms. This dimension of awareness greatly adds to the overall quality of my painting.

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Painting Journeys - Bolivia
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" Changing Landscapes " TV Series - Intro.
Oil painting by Dominik Modlinski of the north Canol Road, Yukon, video

Oil painting by Dominik Modlinski of the north Canol Roa...

Oil painting by Dominik Modlinski of McCarthy - Kennicott, Alaska, video
Oil painting by Dominik Modlinski of McCarthy - Kennicot...

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