Teresa Saia - Landscape Plein Air workshop Oils and Pastels 
Sep. 26-28 with an optional extra day on Sep. 25 


Teresa is known for her dynamic use of color and sensitivity to light. Her paintings are filled with the juxtaposition of light and shadow through which she maximizes the brilliance of her colors.

This workshop for artists who want to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of outdoor (plein aire) painting through demonstrations (in pastel or oil), lectures, practices, and critique.  The workshop will focus the artist on effectively capturing light, atmosphere, and mood in outdoor environments while developing strong compositions and color harmony. Learning to observe and present the concept on paper or canvas is the focus of any painter.  Discover the answer in this three day workshop as you learn to “see” the subject, interpret visual elements and execute it on paper or canvas. 

Strong paintings start with a clear idea and intent. Using design and composition, Teresa will demonstrate how to “get to the point” of what a painting has to say. It is known as a concept. In this class students will start by making quick sketches and thumbnails to practice different compositional devices. When a strong composition and values have been designed the student will move to the paper or canvas

  • $425 course fee, additional day $ 125
  • Accommodation ( based on double occupancy ) in log chalets and all meals are $ 85 per day/night and include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as all snacks All of our food is made on site, homemade, wholesome and organic
  • 10% discount for early bookings if someone books at least 3 month in advance



Each day that I walk into my studio I am filled with gratification that I am able to pursue the passion of my life. Often when visiting with clients I am also reminded of this fact and realizing once again how fortunate I am. It has become an ongoing energy in my bloodstream, taking risks and going against odds to make it my life work. Painting, as with any art, holds infinite challenges and endless areas for growth…..so many things to discover and seemingly so little time.

My work encompasses the mediums of pastel and oil. Employing an impressionist, direct style with a fascination for radiant and rich color, I approach each painting as a puzzle, allowing the piece to develop  in color and mood as the painting unfolds on the two dimensional surface. Creating layers of texture and depth of place, I strive to engage the viewer, drawing them into a world of tranquil beauty.  The emotion conveyed in my paintings evoke a deep sense of mysterious, romantic, peaceful and yet familiar settings. My paintings are expressions of the worlds I discover in my many travels abroad each year, as well as the beauty I find in the travels and painting explorations throughout the United States.

Recognized by numerous awards, national collectors and national publications, my paintings embody the passion I feel for the world I encounter……Believing it is necessary to continually develop, explore and grow, living a life of art and bringing art to life.

Teresa Saia has firmly established herself within the art community, demonstrating a sophistication of style, dynamic use of color, and sensitivity for light. A native of Washington, she has studied with leading artists throughout the US and abroad. Her studio is located in the historic Seattle district of Pioneer Square, an environment that provides vital energy for her creativity.


3 nights and 3 days with all meals and non alcoholic beverages - see accommodations

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