May 27-29
Dramatic Landscapes in acrylics

In this workshop Tim will guide each student on their journey to achieve paintings of depth and emotional quality. He will take you from where you are to expand your knowledge and practice to suit your individual style.Tim will demo each day as well as work individually with students. He will cover plein air and studio painting, composition and a variety of techniques. You may bring your own reference material or choose to work on location. Acrylic and oil painters of all levels are welcome.

About the artist :

Tim Schumm is a Canadian painter who is consistently renewed and inspired by the power, diversity, and beauty of the landscape that surrounds him. He is exploratory by nature, and appreciates experiencing a wide cross-section of the Canadian countryside and seashore, bringing to life the majesty before him. Tim prefers to paint with acrylics, “en plein air”, or in the open air, and when that is not possible, due to the weather or the size of the canvas, he paints from digital photographs he has taken and the memory of those places.

By using expressive and impastoed brushstrokes, Tim’s objective as a painter is to render a pictorial image that conveys an emotional context accessible to the viewer. This is accomplished by creating a sense of movement and texture that gives the paintings a life of their own. Schumm’s interpretation of color also sets the dynamics, mood, and emotional qualities of his paintings. His paintings often cover the full range of tonal values, from the darkest to the lightest, in an effort to achieve maximum drama, visually and emotionally. This dynamic combination of information is created in a spontaneous, intuitive and celebratory manner and Tim is often surprised and excited by the end result. This gives him the impetus to go out yet again, in search of more of the elements of nature that have inspired past and present paintings; and thus, continuing the cycle of inspiration and creation.

Tim Schumm